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Indian Americans - Make a check ($50 family, $35 individual) payable to: The Indian American Leadership Council, P.O. Box 10523, Silver Spring, MD 20914.


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About Us

Thank you for selecting as your virtual location to connect with the Asian Indian community in North America. The Indian American Leadership Council (IALC) was formed in the early 90's to promote civic awareness and protect the civil rights of Indian American residents. The IALC seeks to provide unified voice for Indian Americans in the main stream decision making process along with fostering more dynamic relationships between the world’s largest and oldest democracies--India and the United States.

Mission & Goals:

  • The IALC promotes educational, socio-economic and technological initiatives to empower the Indian-American community in the United States.
  • It facilitates networks and forums for citizens--resident and/or immigrants through which they can exchange expertise, share resources, offer global perspectives and accept opportunities for leadership in the mainstream community.
  • The IALC designs, develops, implements, monitors and evaluates programs and projects which will identify, foster and strengthen the community and enhance domestic partnerships or global initiatives.
  • The organization will document, disseminate, and develop an information data base to equip community leaders and grassroots activists to identify and fulfill their civic, economic, socio-cultural objectives.
  • The IALC will forge alliances with mainstream organizations, civil rights groups and/or ethnic associations to promote social responsibility, seek economic equity, and support community action through education and advocacy.
  • The organizational leadership will identify Indian Americans who have leadership abilities and support them to be future leaders. The IALC will mentor Indian American youths so that they can work with congressmen, Senators and the White House as interns and fellows.
  • The IALC will participate in voter registration drives, INS efforts of citizen workshops, grassroots outreach of the US Census and provide services for new Americans. is a Indian-Ameican Leadership Council, Inc. project, Copyright © 2001™. All rights reserved. Terms of Use Legal Disclaimers Home - Maps & Directions - Market Watch - Contact Us