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O'Malley Seeks Indian-American Community Support

Baltimore Mayor and Democratic frontrunner in the Maryland Governor's race, Martin O'Malley, met with Indian-American community leaders on October 15, 2005. He discussed community issues and sought their support in his bid for the Governor's office. Within a fortnight of his formal announcement of his candidacy for Governor, O'Malley was eager to reach out to Indian Americans--the largest Asian American group in Montgomery county, a major battleground in the democratic primary.

O'Malley spent more than two hours with Indian community leaders as he outlined his vision for a "stronger Maryland that can do better." He was forthright in his answers to questions raised by attendees whose views resonated with Mayor O'Malley's on the high cost of college education, health insurance, transportation planning and small business development. The need for improved federal, state and county cooperation was cited when discussing homeland security concerns.

The Democratic Gubernatorial candidate agreed with a questioner that Indian Americans should not be discriminated against in state business, contracts and employment opportunities. He said that Maryland should celebrate its multicultural heritage. Maryland needs to do better with its pension program, investment and job creation and that he will look into how Ireland was able to attract Indian American investment, and hi-tech know-how to become the No.1 software/IT exporter in Europe. is a Indian-Ameican Leadership Council, Inc. project, Copyright © 2001™. All rights reserved. Terms of Use Legal Disclaimers Home - Maps & Directions - Market Watch - Contact Us